An Xperient practical coaching session will start with an exploration of who and what you are and what your challenges are at the moment. All of our coaches will take the time to probe into your perspective, using open questions and an open mind. So far, this will be familiar ground for anyone who has undergone a 'traditional' coaching session. With an Xperient 'practical coaching' session, what happens next will be quite different.

We combine our skills as trainers, roleplayers and actors to create a unique session that is designed and created just for you. On the basis of what we will have found out through our questioning, we will create interactive exercises specifically tailored to illustrate what is going on and to look at ways in which it could be changed. These exercises will be aimed at making you feel more confident yet maintaining absolute authenticity.

All of our coaches are skilled and subtle roleplayers with a sophisticated knowledge of the business world and the challenges you may face. We each have walked in the shoes of people in all levels of the working world, from a customer service assistant to a chief executive. We can recreate your most challenging meeting, appraisal or interview. We can also give you the help you need to deal with your personal impact at meetings and presentations. This will take the form of simple yet highly effective exercises that suit you and your individual style.

We are experienced facilitators and trainers and so we know how to use the evidence of the practical exercises to assist you in making any changes you want to make. We will help you to build your insight and self-awareness and leave the session having had robust, practical and totally personalised help.


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